Next May, Robbie Knievel will attempt to jump 16 double-decker busses. That's three more than his father famously failed to clear in 1975, ending his career with a broken pelvis. Unlike his father, London's Wembley Stadium has been deemed too expensive a venue, so Robbie will be making the attempt at the Battersea Power Station instead.
"I sometimes get butterflies before a jump, sometimes I get cockroaches; it depends on the stunt," Knievel told The Independent, "I think on this one I might just get a few cockroaches. My Dad said I was a better rider than he was when I was 12, so I want to try to do this."

Again referencing his famous father, Knievel will be riding a Harley-Davidson XR750 for the attempt, a much heavier bike than the two-stroke dirt bikes Robbie typically rides. "I will hit the ground hard because the suspension is not as good and the bike is heavier, my back has taken a lot of punishment in the past."

"Although my dad's jump ended with broken bones and a lot of pain, I'm confident he'll be smiling down on this one. Daredevils are a dying breed. I'm proud to have been raised by one and to be one myself."

via The Independent

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