While the city of New York continues enforcing crazy anti-biker Draconian laws, Denver's Director of Development Engineering Services, Rob Duncanson, is on the verge of getting 20 dedicated bike parking zones put in place throughout downtown Denver. That's right. A large city in the United States is actually considering modifying its street-parking infrastructure to accomodate motorcycles and large scooters.

The DES has identified 20 "end-cap" spaces that have been deemed under-valued, generally excessive No Parking zones on street corners, and plan on presenting the pilot program later this week to senior management for the Public Works Department.

Already generating interest in other cities, we think is a no-brainer program for easing congestion that should be implemented nationwide. As long as the DES gets the word out to the biking community and uses easily identifying signage designating zones, we can't see this failing.

via Examiner

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