Quantya is planning an electric sportsbike to rival the Zero SS. Our man in Norway, Ivar Kvadsheim uncovered the news at the EVS24 green vehicle conference taking place in Stavanger. "The best description I can give is Italian sportsbike styling...think Ducati 1198 or Cagiva Mito, but more angular" says Ivar, who was shown renderings of the new bike. That sounds great, but we're more excited about the performance from the new 74-volt motor; 55bhp and a 130kg weight are said to deliver a top speed of between 100 and 105mph.
Quantya plans to launch the bike at EICMA in November, meaning it'll premier at nearly the exact same time as the Zero SS electric sportsbike. Sales are expected to begin in March 2010.

The new bike should prove a much more capable road vehicle than the Quantya Strada, not only is it much faster than the 45mph Strada, but its range is increased to around 87 miles at "normal speeds." The bad news is that the price is also going up to around €20,000 ($27,000).

via MC24.no

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