KTM is planning to show both supermoto and enduro versions of its new electric bikes at the 2010 Tokyo Motorcycle Show next week and thanks to some tricky work in Photoshop from Grant, we're able to bring you exclusive details and images. The

KTM FREERIDE: electric supermoto and enduro coming to Tokyo
In fact, these two bikes look like such a drastic departure from the

Zero Emissions prototype that its specs -- 29.5lb/ft of torque, Lithium

Ion batteries 40 minutes of operation under "race conditions," a 90kg

(198lbs) weight -- probably can't be applied to these apparently

production-ready motorcycles.

KTM previously committed to mass producing an electric motorcycle this

year, but more recent rumors have indicated that production could be

delayed until 2012 due to the financiapocalypse. These two models appear

to indicate that production plans remain on track.

After lightening up KTM's dark teaser shots, both the enduro and

supermoto models look identical with the exception of wheels. In the

supermoto's case, they're clearly 17s, but the enduro's appear to be the

same 21" front, 18" rear items that are used on other KTM EXCs. This is

an important point, even if its a bit boring. The prototype used a

mountain bike-like 21" rear wheel that may have compromised both

performance and reliability.

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