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Why AGV still can't compete with Arai and Shoei
Second, the shape and location of the visor aperture isn't really suited to the riding position of most supersport bikes. It's too low, meaning I have to strain to tilt my head upwards a little more than usual when I'm in a tuck or while hanging off at track lean angles. Still, those red stripes on the upper lining are always visible in your peripheral vision, creating a cool subconscious focussing effect, sort of a built in red mist.

That's about it. The GP-Tech is AGV's top of the line race replica intended to compete with the Arai RX7 Corsair V and the Shoei X-Twelve. It feels a little lighter than those helmets and on par with the Shoei if not the Arai's build quality and the interior is positively luxurious thanks to a sweat-wicking CoolMax liner and well-placed padding. The AGV fogs like a Shoei, yet ventilates like an Arai, but without the excessive wind noise thanks to the integrated vents and teardrop shape. Death Spray's paint job is holding up well too.  I remember when AGV's were the exclusive preserve of tracksuit-wearing teenage scooterists in Italy. The brand's come a long way since then, it's a shame patchy component quality is still holding it back.

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