Is it? Well, no, it's just Michael Czysz playing around in photoshop to try and torment you, dear reader, but it does raise a very important question. With an as-yet unseen bike shipping to the Isle of Man in less than two weeks, how is Czysz going to top last year's show-stopping MotoCzysz E1PC?
When it leaked shortly before last year's inaugural TTXGP race, the E1PC instantly made every other electric bike look decades old, it still does. Where the rest of the competition simply shoved a bunch of batteries into GSX-Rs and similar, Czysz showed up with a neatly integrated design that looked like a cross between an iPhone and an X-Wing. It even used an iPhone as its dashboard.

Sadly just part way through the 37-mile lap, an electrical spike caused by the top-secret regenerative braking system fried the  E1PC's off-the-shelf electrical system. This doubles the importance of this year's entry, Czysz can not fail again.

The thing is, MotoCzysz had to rush development of the E1PC, heavily basing it on the stillborn C1 MotoGP bike. This year, the bike is starting with a clean sheet.

We already know some details of the new 250lb/ft (nominal), liquid-cooled powertrain dubbed the MotoCzysz Electric D1g1tal Dr1ve, but we don't know a thing about the bike it's going to go in. What tricks do you think Michael has up his sleeve?

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