Need to get motorcycles made on the cheap? Usually, you'd just call China, India or Brazil. Now, there's a fourth option. There's not a lot of information about the North-Korean motorcycles now available for export, but according to the spec sheet at least half of them are 125cc single-cylinder 5-strokes - a technology previously unavailable in corrupt, decadent imperialist nations (or the rest of the world, as it's also known).

According to their website it's not all about tech, though. The Highly Democratic People's Republic have several other benefits to offer:

  • Lowest labour cost in Asia.
  • Highly qualified, loyal and motivated personnel. Education, housing and health service is provided free to all citizens.
  • As opposed to other Asian countries, worker's will not abandon their positions for higher salaries once they are trained.
  • Stable. A government with solid security and very stable political system, without corruption.
  • Full diplomatic relations with most EU members and rest of countries.
Sounds almost too good to be true...

You'll find a full list of motorcycles available for export on the Business in DPR Korea website

via: @motorradblogger

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