Over the next two weeks, Grant and I will be riding a BMW R1200GS and BMW F800GS through Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Labrador and Quebec. A lot of that time is going to be spent in remote areas without the slightest chance of web access, but we'll be updating you with images, stories and videos via Twitter where possible. This story will remain at the top of the site throughout the duration of the trip, but our contributing editor Ivar Kvadsheim will be providing you with new content through this period, just scroll down to find it.

As you can imagine, we're going to get really sick of each other after about the first day, so please chime in with questions, suggestions or just make fun of us. The easiest way to do that is through Twitter, but don't worry Luddites, we'll be checking comments too. Let us know the kind of stories you want to see.

Update: we've emerged from the wilderness. Back to your regularly scheduled programming shortly.

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