It's the weekend for confirming things we all know at the Czech Grand Prix. Before Valentino Rossi announces he is moving to Ducati next year, FIM have confirmed their own news-that's-not-really-news-at-all and announced 2011 will be the last season of two-stroke racing, with the 125 class being replaced by Moto3 from 2012. 

The Moto3 bikes will use a single cylinder 250cc four-stroke engine with a maximum bore of 81mm - the same bore as the new 1000cc MotoGP machines also getting their debut in 2012. FIM wants to make Moto3 cheaper to race in than the current two-stroke series and has put a cost limit of 10 000 euros for each engine. They have also specified that it must last for a minimum of three races.

After struggling to fill the MotoGP grid the last seasons, the FIM have managed to attract huge interest for racing in the spec-engined Moto2 category. Anxious to follow up on that success, the FIM have added a Moto3 rule that says each manufacturer must be ready to supply a minimum of 15 riders with engines if required.

Hopefully it will also be the incentive manufacturers need to give us some serious 250cc streetbikes, but the cynics among us may suggest that asking for a minimum of 90 engines (6 engines per season for 15 riders) is the basis for another Honda-cup.

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