Ever wonder what happens when you crest a hill on a race track on world class superbikes? You fly.

We know pigs can't fly and Dumbo is pretty much the only elephant that we've seen fly–of course that was when we were four. Luckily the supercross and freestyle motocross riders aren't the only ones capable of catching air.

This wonderful clip showcases the 2013 British Superbikes meeting at Cadwell Park. This track is also know as the "Mini-Nürburgring". Its located near the central eastern coast of Great Britain. What makes the track challenging and exhilarating is the top of the hill where there happens to be a jump. The super slow-mo clip captures the action in all its glory. Not to mention, the video also captures some of the more hair raising corners of Cadwell Park.

Superbikes Can Fly


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