Live in any of the 49 states which don’t allow lane splitting and looking to bone up on your cage fighting skills for when you move? Lane Splitter (free), available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is a surprisingly realistic simulator complete with wheelies, deliberately obtuse car drivers and nails in your tires when you ride on the margins.

Game play is surprisingly realistic, nailing the delicate balance between response and control as you rotate the iPhone to steer or speed up. That’s something many other motorcycle apps don’t manage, skewing towards ridiculously sensitive and uncontrollable.

Cars almost always try to change lanes into you, and passing them gives you a feeling of uneasiness that's uncannily similar to splitting traffic down the 405. The real fun starts when you tap on the screen and your helmetless, suit wearing rider does his best impression of the Black Devil. Long wheelies equal huge bonus points.

Note the number of times you end up dead and remember that in real life your bike comes with brakes too. That’s probably the best takeaway for when you’re ready to try lane splitting for real.

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