Remember when your MSF instructor told you to look where you want to go, not at what you don't want to hit? Well, this is why. The two riders in this video are regulars on the section of Mulholland Highway known as "The Snake" and they had a rough time on Thursday afternoon.

After making the slow right rock-overhang corner, the rider on the green Kawasaki bends left and as soon as he makes an attempt at acceleration, he loses all rear grip and low-sides.

With a rider and bike in the road, the R6 rider behind the camera immediately gets on the brakes. As he slows down, his friend stays almost exactly in the center of the video frame, right up until he's nearly stopped and drops the bike in the dirt. That's target fixation folks. He desperately wanted to avoid running his friend over, and in those brief seconds that was all he could think about and look at.

Luckily, neither rider was injured. The R6 needed a fork seal replaced, giving the owner an excuse to upgrade the valving and the rider of the Kawasaki even hopped back on his bike and rode straight to work.

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