It's been decades since On Any Sunday took the biking world by storm. Today, it's back to inspire a new generation with a tribute to dads everywhere.

A father can play an integral role in a child's life. He can inspire, lead and love in one sentence or he simply introduce you to a way of life.

With Father's day quickly approaching, it's nice to see this special cut from the upcoming move, On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter, where world famous riders tell the story of their father's impact in their lives. Travis Pastrana's desire to create family moments and thanks to motorcycles he's able to bring the family closer. Hell, it was his father who got the bright idea to travel around the country with the family and enjoy the wilderness on a bike.

On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter Father's Tribute

Riding means more to us than just a bike, it's the family and inspiration to go farther, push harder and find those limits. For these life lessons, we want to thank the dads out there for showing us there is more to life than just four wheels on a freeway. There is a whole world out there and you've given us the tools to enjoy them...not to mention the bitchin' bike.

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