Five seconds is all it takes for this cop to hot-wire a CBR. A GSX-R isn't much harder. Snap the steering lock, plug in a "pigtail," and off you go. This video, which appears to be from 2007 (judging by the bikes), was uploaded two weeks ago and shows just how easy it is to steal a bike. It's just as unnerving now as when it was shot.

On January first a California law went into effect that makes it illegal to posses "pigtails," which are used to bypass a bikes ignition circuit. Get caught with one and it's up to 180 days in jail and a one thousand dollar fine. Assuming you're not a bike thief or someone who likes to walk around with specialized electronics for stealing motorcycles, this is good news. Im hoping that if police take advantage of this, I may one day be able to leave my bike parked in inglewood on the street overnight.

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