We're kicking off this reoccurring mini-feature with Kenny's tip for riding the corkscrew successfully. Make sure you implement his advice next time you head out to Laguna Seca for a track day.

We love Kenny Roberts. The man is a legend from when the racing world was dominated by fire-breathing 2-strokes and everyone dressed like Silverlake hipsters. Kenny's book, Techniques of Motor Cycle Road Racing, edited by Peter Clifford of Motocourse, was released in 1988 and is far and away my favorite book on the sport. It's not always easy to get your hands on, and I was thrilled to find my copy buried in the stacks at Powell's in Portland.  I gladly handed over $60 to take it home.

Throughout the book, Kenny credits much of his success to living and breathing motorcycles and offers one of the few insider's views of what it's like to be at the top of road racing. Occasionally Kenny shares pearls of wisdom that make you go "Huh?", just like you might when your dad emails you.

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