After witnessing the Jetovator we couldn't help but think that perhaps Harley-Davidson should look to other alternative fuels to straddle as well. We introduce to you the Jetovator! A water-jet propelled "bike".

While the world searches for alternative modes of transportation, some are looking for ways to make it a little more enjoyable. Sure, the Jetovator won't solve your commute to work (unless we end up like Kevin Costner in Water World), it will give you a reason to hit the lake and strap onto a flying water bike doohickey.

The creators of the Jetovator have also brought to the world the dolphin like personal submarine, or Seabreacher. Which you can see dancing around in one of the videos below.

The Jetovator is constructed from an aluminum tubular frame attached to a 40-foot hose, with a jet thrust adaptor, that connects to your Personal Water Craft (PWC). The machine is capable of pretty thrilling stunts and hours of fun while roaming your local body of water. Sure it's not quite like the JetLev R200 (costing for $68,500) but it does retail for $6795.

All we know is that if you're looking for an alternative way to enjoy the summer and want to stay cool at the same time, this may be your answer. If not, you can still pick up the newest dirt bikes of the season (water not included).

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