Spotted on Revzilla by a keen-eyed reader is the Arai Signet Q, the long over-due replacement for the original Signet which was discontinued in 2004. Designed for riders with "extreme long oval" shaped heads, this helmet fills a void in both the Arai lineup and the helmet market as a whole.

Based loosely on the RX-Q, the Signet Q shares it's vent system, exterior features and new style (10mm wider) SAI shield. The biggest difference from the RX-Q is a new shell that translates into a 5mm longer interior shape. Cheek pads and liner have been changed in the name of comfort and a better seal to keep the wind out. Fit is customizable via 5mm thick removable pads at the temples. Also notable is the included pin-lock compatible shield and lens that should provide a fog-free view of the road even in the worst conditions. The Snell approved (no ECE 22.05 Arais in America) helmet is priced at $596.95 for solids and up to $689.95 for graphics. That price means it fits in well with the rest of Arai's high-end lineup. If you struggle with forehead pressure and have always longed for a ridiculously comfortable helmet, have a look at the Signet Q when they come out.

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