According to Deus, their 1200 V-Twin Cafe Racer is, "based on a new HD Nightster (not the special Twilight edition, why HD thought plump 17yr old girls would want a hog...beyond me)." The lost opportunity to draw a connection between custom motorcycles and sparkle vampires aside, we're really liking the subtle good looks of this custom Harley.
Unlike some other Deus Ex Machina customs, this cafe racer is very

restrained, relying on its muscular proportions instead of flashy

details. That's not to say it doesn't have great detailing -- check out

the tiny cowl over the headlight lending the front end a sense of

aggression for an example. The only thing we're a little disappointed

with is the afterthought of a plate bracket. Now, if we could just buy

something like this straight from the factory.

Details of the conversion, straight from Australia:

modified Yammy SR400 tank, quick release strap, new taps etc.

custom fender'ectomy....warren got handy with the drill bits

custom 2 into 1, retuned fuel maps to suit

single saddle conversion

kept the belt drive, chains look nicer but the customer wanted his pants to stay up.

Deus Ex Machina

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