You know, these Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker biker toys actually kind of make sense when you think about it. Daddy Darth is the aging veteran desperate to recapture some of the care free adventure of his youth. If pod racing hadn't evolved into multinational megabusiness, we'd bet he'd be right back in there. Spending the weekends riding from bar to bar with his buddies is a much needed release from the stresses of managing incompetent inferiors who can't even capture a couple of damn droids. Out on his bike, no one has to know he's just a lackey for the Emperor, he's free to be the large and in charge man he was born to be.
Luke's the young rebel. Pissed of at the world for denying him his

parents and sticking him on a godforsaken planet farming moisture, he's

just looking for the noisiest way possible to release his teenage

angst. Sure, he might be in love with his sister, but when he pulls

into Mos Eisley with those slashcuts blaring, people aren't staring

because he's got freakish abilities, they're looking at the toughest

mother fucker in the whole damn space port. Rolling with his bitch,

R2D2, on the back, Luke is livin' it large.

The only thing we can't explain is the helmets.

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