The Griso already makes a strong case for itself as a luxury bike. It's got the looks, the pedigree, the comfort and the power. The Moto Guzzi Griso 8V SE boosts this by adding classy paint colors, a stitched leather seat, a touch more torque and spoked wheels fitted with tubular tires. In fact, the combination of high-end suspension, understated looks and 90˚ v-twin makes this Guzzi, in our book, the most desirable cruiser on the market.
Available in either "Tenni" green or "Rosso Mandello" red, the SE

shares the Griso 8V's fully adjustable 43mm USD forks, fully adjustable

rear shock and radial Brembo brakes, but tweaks the engine with new cam

profiles, more efficient injectors and a larger air box resulting in

improved responsiveness at low engine speeds and an increase in

outright torque from 80 to 85lb/ft. Power from the 1,151cc transverse

v-twin remains unaltered at 110bhp.

Moto Guzzi

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