Having grown up with a father who was obsessed with BSAs and other classic British motorbikes that dripped oil on the floor and took a stiff boot to get going has left me with a massive interest in motorbikes from the old days, so when I found out about the Venice Vintage Motorcycle Rally I had to go and get my fix of Castrol R and open faced helmets.


The Rally grouped together in Venice before taking over the roads, riding up PCH to Malibu and then back to Venice again to the vendor area and main stage where food, beer and live music were found as well as Roger De Coster's '70s MX machines in the Alpinestars booth.

It was just great all those cool and classic machines gathered in one place as owners chatted about their bikes, the restoration process and tales of riding while the organizers picked the best and ugliest machines from the vast collection, it was a great day out and makes me want to own and ride a vintage bike even more.

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