See See first opened its doors to the public back in June and they're moving already. Why? Shop owner Thor Drake has big plans for See See. The new location is in a slightly less shady neighborhood and will include one of those premium hipster coffee shops. The PBR sponsored party on December 9th will showcase 21 Bell Custom 500 helmets that have been painted by 21 different artists. If previous See See parties are any indication, you won't want to miss this.

Thor rounded up 21 artists and gave them this prompt:

"Strangely enough, it was the death of “Lawrence of Arabia” in 1935 that inspired a doctor from England to study the high death rate from motorcycling during that time. Not-so-strangely, they found out that wearing protective headgear dramatically improved chances of surviving a motorcycle accident.  Fast forward 75 years and (in most places) helmets are a mandatory practice; tuners, customizers, racers, and even the average joe have come to wear helmets atop their one man machines. Naturally, helmets began to match the machines and the personalities of those aboard. We invited 21 artists to customize 21 Custom 500 Bell helmets as if they were the pilot of any imagined machine of there choosing. And by “customize,” we mean paint, polish, draw on, and generally adapt this mug in any way they choose. Keeping (for the most part) in mind it still needs to be worn at some point for safety (maybe)."

A full-sized flyer with artist listing and full info is in the gallery.

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