We’re all about having fun and riding fast at RideApart, but please don’t ever be this stupid. Joel Orsi, a Massachusetts rider, caught the blue lights a few days ago and decided taking off was a better option than cooperating.

Not to spoil the ending, but Joel made it home without handcuffs. So what does one do after running from the law? Post the video on YouTube of course. So far no word on if Joel will be prosecuted using the footage, but it’s bound to happen as multiple news sources have posted the video.

Around the 2:50 mark Joel hears sirens behind him and says, "what the hell." He rounds the next corner where you think he's going to pull over, but instead stands it up and runs. Not letting off until the end of the video where he stops to catch his breath. You can see his hands shaking from adrenaline as he lifts his helmet visor. The bike is unique and the video reveals a tattoo, hat and helmet.

There have been a ton of cases popping up where social media was used to capture law breakers. One such case was Keith Maddox, an Alabama man that was busted for threatening and taunting cyclists on the road. His Facebook videos were collected as evidence by his county’s court, prosecuting him for reckless endangerment.

That’s why running from the police is always a bad idea. Not just for your safety but for everyone else's. You Joel Orsi are RideApart’s Idiot of the Week.

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