This illustration shows the locations of Japanese motorcycle factories and companies in relation to the 8.9 magnitude earthquake’s epicenter off the coast of Sendai. So far, the only word of significant damage comes from Honda’s Tochigi R&D facility where one person was killed and 30 injured during the quake. It should be noted that this is an ongoing event, aftershocks continue and tsunami warning remain in place for the entirety of Japan’s east coast.

Illustration: Grant Ray

Even though most of the above facilities appear to have escaped the catastrophe unscathed, it seems reasonable to expect disruptions to production as Japan’s infrastructure reels from the massive quake. According to Jason Fullington’s firsthand report, public transportation in Tokyo is currently shut down completely and the roads — jammed with people trying to reach loved ones or escape damage — aren’t much better. The next few weeks are likely to see energy shortages, continuing difficulties with transportation and emergency measures which could further interrupt normal operations.

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A high-res version of this illustration is included below.

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