If you’re in any way interested in such things (and who isn’t ?!) you’ve probably seen Harley’s Q3, 2010 release claiming a 66 percent net income increase year-on-year. What you probably didn’t see was that this was largely due to decreased losses on Harley-Davidson Financial Services, not increased sales, which continued to fall worldwide, including a 9.4 percent decrease in the US. But while one American cruiser manufacturer continues to lie about its numbers in an apparent effort to placate investors, there’s another that doesn’t need to lie, its sales have actually increased!

Of course, we had to remind ourselves that there’s another manufacturer of gigantic chrome penis substitutes too. Polaris Industries, the Minnesota-based manufacturer of Victory motorcycles, reported that unit sales (actual sales mind you) increased 50 percent year-on-year during the same quarter resulting in a 116 percent increase in revenue. Look at the whole year ending September 30 and revenue increased 81 percent.

See? it is possible to operate an American motorcycle business without using the kind of repugnant, evil American business tactics that we should all revile. Now Victory, about producing some actually exciting motorcycles...

via Motorcycle Market Watch

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