We've all been there. Transporting bikes to get from point A to point B without adding miles. Most of us are safe, or as safe as we can be. Some of us tend to take more drastic measures, like the guy in this video.

Once you watch how this man, with the help of his buddies, is able to utilize a bike's balance to his advantage you can't help but start a slow clap for this guy. Sure, in general transporting a bike isn't easy but when you factor in a dense population that thrives on ergonomic and economic advantages a bike can bring (in other words cars are for the rich and so two wheels flood the streets) you're bound to get creative when it comes to getting bikes around on longer journeys when riding isn't an option. Or if you just decided to move the family from one crazy scooter plagued city to the next. Either way, this rather talented individual had his work cut out for him. Instead of an epic fail taking place he manages to win our respect and this week's RideApart "Holy Shit Did You See What That Guy Did" award.


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