Last night, the Mythbusters put the BMW S1000RR tablecloth trick to the test using an Erik Buell Racing 1125R. Here’s that full episode.

The video’s split into three parts, all of which are below. It takes a bit of creative clicking around to skip the filler content, but we’re sure you can figure it out.

Actually, it’s fascinating because that “filler” content relates to another Hell For Leather article. Remember when we got to play with a powerful MRI machine with Dr. James Loughead? That was related to motorcycles provoking similar brain responses to other addictive stimuli like sex and drugs, but James’ real research relates to discovering that the real advanced human brain problem solving functions, the stuff that separates our thinking from that of animals, takes place while the brain is at rest. Just like some of the observations they make in this episode using similar machinery.

In a third connection, I just did two consecutive track days at Oschersleben on an EBR 1125R!

These videos are likely on YouTube without proper authorization, so watch ‘em while you can.





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