“60bhp, 250lbs, ultra-sticky tires with great geometry and a moderately comfortable seating position. To ride a bike this light in anger is an absolute game changer. It makes you feel like Rossi, but at a quarter of the speed,” describes Roland Sands. This KTM 525 EXC was converted into a cafe racer with fully custom bodywork and radically lowered suspension.

Roland’s calling the concept behind this build “cafe moto.”

“It's what we're calling our continuous experimentation with motocross bikes modified for pavement use,” he tells us. “They closely resemble what people refer to as cafe racers, but borrow from many genre's including supermoto, road racing, streetfighters, flat track, and motocross with a little custom thrown in for seasoning.”

It’s sort of an evolution of the supersingle concept, just here looking pretty and tuned for street use instead of track. The whole idea is to go for very light weight and accessible, involving performance, two things currently ignored by just about every stock motorcycle available in showrooms.

“If it was mine I would use it to drag my knee on my way to work,” continues Sands, who’s currently laid up with a broken leg. “Fortunately for my license, it is not mine. We built it for a friend's fiancé. I would like to think it will be used for a little thrashing in the canyons when she's not looking. There really is nothing more fun on a second to third gear road. The tighter the better.”


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