A group of civilians in Logan, Utah is credited with saving the life of a motorcyclist after he became trapped under a burning car. The incident took place after the 4,000lbs BMW 5-series crashed into the rider and was set alight by fuel spilling from the bike’s fuel tank. The rider, 21-year old Brandon Wright, is in stable condition.


The crash occurred when the driver of the BMW sorry-mate-didn’t-see-you’d Brandon as it pulled out of parking lot and into his path. In an attempt to avoid the car, police say Brandon threw the bike down. But, instead of missing it, he ended up sliding under BMW and becoming trapped.

A flames rose, construction workers, a man in a suit, a woman in sandals and students from the nearby Utah State University realized the danger Brandon was in and rushed to lift the heavy German sedan up far enough to pull him to safety.

Logan police are currently seeking the rescuers so they can be recognized for their bravery.

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