If you’ve seen The Italian Job (either one) then you’re familiar with the banked oval rooftop test track on top of Fiat’s old Lingotto factory in Turin. Last week, 150 Vespas and Lambrettas held a race up through the spiral ramps inside the abandoned building, then out onto the roof.

Photos: Damiano Levati/Olaf Pignataro/Red Bull


Once the world’s largest auto factory, cars like the original 500 were assembled inside Lingotto then tested around the rooftop track. Locating the factory inside a crowded city was great for workers, but bad for cars, but the roof was free of traffic.

To start the race, participants had to remove and reassemble the front wheel of their scooters before climbing to the top of the spiral structure. The slowest 50 were then eliminated and the 100 remaining competed in a “last man standing” format race where riders with the slowest lap times of the oval were eliminated one lap at a time. Race winner was Giacomo Tiberti, who rode his vintage Vespa to the event from Tuscany.

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