The futuristic Vyrus 986 M2 will see its first race outing this weekend at Jerez as part of the Spanish CEV championship. That series has seen a Moto2 class in-operation since 2010 and is a popular test bed for smaller teams not yet ready to make the leap to the World Championship. The thing is, this bike is significantly different from the original concept we unveiled in February.

Look at this picture of the concept and compare it to the prototype seen above and the differences are immediately apparent. While the radically angular bodywork and self-supporting carbon rear subframe/seat unit, upside-down omega frame, under-engine radiator and air-shock are present, two of the 986 M2’s defining features are missing — the titanium/ceramic Zard exhaust that exited on either side of the shock has been replaced with a conventional Mivv side-mount canister and the hub-center front end appears to be of a less-sophisticated, heavier arrangement which requires a locater running up to the head tube where traditional fork legs would be.

It’s likely that this is an engineering prototype intended to test as many final components as possible while bugs in the front suspension and exhaust are still worked out. We’ve reached out to Vyrus for further explanation and hopefully for info on this weekend’s racing.

Regardless, getting another look at such a special motorcycle makes our morning. Make sure you check out our other Vyrus 986 M2 articles, in which we explore the bike in depth.


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