Troy Corser and Leon Haslam spent yesterday afternoon in a full racing tuck with a 150mph headwind. The two SBK racers were individually tweaking their riding positions to find maximum aerodynamic gain and experimenting with new windshield shapes.

“The positions of the head and the upper body, of elbows, knees and feet can have an enormous influence on the drag, and subsequently on lap times,” said Rainer Bäumel, the BMW SBK team’s technical director. Of course, there is not one position that is the optimum for all riders, because it all depends on so many different individual factors, beginning with height and stature. The intensive work in the wind tunnel enabled Troy and Leon to find out what riding position is the best for them personally.”

Of course, this is just an excuse for us to run 11 high-res photos of a BMW S1000RR in a wind tunnel, enjoy.

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