The Yamaha 225 Scorpio is, rightfully, the kind of bike none of us would look at twice if we passed one on the street. Retailing for around $2,000 in places like India, Indonesia and Thailand, it’s just basic transportation in places where people ride in flip flops and t-shirts because that’s all they own, not because they don’t know better. But look at this bike, it’s absolutely beautiful. Talk about the proverbial ugly duckling.

This is a stock 225 Scorpio. Blech. You’ve probably already forgotten you’re looking at it. Try and focus and it’s fairly amazing how much of the stock bike Deus was able to keep while still wholly transforming it. Same frame (obviously), same swingarm, same forks, same brakes, same chain guard, same pegs, etc. Someone was able to look through the plastic and see a fundamentally pretty motorcycle. That someone has vision.

Deus Ex Machina

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