There’s certain advantages a motorcycle give you in traffic — good vision, strong brakes, manueverability, speed — that means you’re largely in control of anything happening in front of you. The problem is, the disadvantages — some sort of psychological barrier that prevents dimwitted drivers from seeing us — means we aren’t in control of what happens behind us. That disadvantage is painfully illustrated in this video.

As Zacharie Perez approached a Dallas toll booth on his Triumph Daytona 675, traffic in his lane began to slow and he braked accordingly. The driver behind him, however, somehow didn’t realize this was occurring and collided with Perez at full speed. Perez is thrown from his bike and into another lane of traffic, where a white SUV narrowly avoids running him over.

Perez suffered a burst spleen, broken ribs and fractured vertebrae in the crash and never plans to ride again.

How could this accident have been avoided?

via Dallas News

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