In Thailand, where the Honda CBR250R is manufactured, a 250cc engine is considered reasonably large, easily outperforming the 125cc and under capacities that dominate the market there. So, it makes sense that legendary Honda tuner Mugen is turning its hand to the new hottest thing to be produced by the country. Available in Thailand only, the Mugen Honda CBR250R adapts typical tuner styling cues to Honda’s tiny hotness.

“Mugen” translates roughly to “unlimited” or “without limits” which is why you commonly see tuned Honda’s wearing “Mugen Power” stickers. “Unlimited Power” is a nice simile for the work tuners do, removing emissions, legality and reliability-imposed limits to achieve improved performance.

Sadly, Mugen’s modification to the CBR250R are limited to the cosmetic. There’s a red/black paint scheme, gold stripes, a Mugen exhaust and an iridium screen. Engine performance remains unchanged, the CBR250R produces 26bhp and 17lb/ft of torque, powering a bike that weighs 359lbs. No US price has yet been announced, but the Honda CBR250R will be coming to the States next year.

Mugen via AutoReleaseInfo

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