Spending just $735 (AUD) on the build, industrial designer Nick Eterovic set out to create this bike in order to win Saturday’s Deus Ex Machina Boundless Enthusiasm Bike Build-Off. Despite having less than two month's notice, win he did, taking home both the official first place and the people’s choice award. Much Much Go is based on a 1979 Honda CB250T and manages to blur the lines between a board track racer, a chopper and a flat tracker.

The Build-Off was judged by Bike EXIF’s Chris Hunter, who says Much Much Go stood out from the beginning. Starting with that CB250, Nick cut off the rear subframe to mount the shocks lower and rotate the whole thing backwards, then raked out the forks even further to achieve symmetry in the distance between the engine and both wheels. The tank is original to the bike, just repaired and repainted and the exhausts and headers are just average aftermarket exhaust tubing sprayed with heat-resistant paint.

Those exhausts and the matching underseat intakes lend Much Much Go its main visual drama, acting like a mechanical equivalent of a flame paint job in lending the bike a sense of visceral speed.

Custom: Much Much Go

The rest of the build is incredibly simple, relying mostly on standard parts reconfigured to achieve the unique look. Check out the bars mounted under the top yoke, the idiot lights mounted in that yoke and the plain old battery box mounted behind the engine. No faux chrome oil tank battery cover here. It’s the honesty of parts like the stock forks still wearing their brake disc mounts that makes Much Much Go feel much more tangible than most custom bikes.

Custom: Much Much Go

The badging, with the Japanese rockabilly on the tank and “Much Much Go” stenciled on the back tire manages to be both kitschy and subtle, a nice simile for the build itself.

Deus Ex Machina

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