With the S1000RR, BMW turned its image completely upside down. From pipes and slippers to one-piece leathers. That’s why this custom is so neat, combining classic elements with modern function to subvert both.

Built by Steve Culp of Shreveport, LA, the bike was initially intended, like most streetfighters, to address ergonomic issues inherent in superbikes. The seat needed to come down three inches or so, the bars needed to come up and the pegs needed to go down. An owner of vintage BMWs, he then had the idea to fit a new tank and other bodywork, treating it in traditional BMW black with twin white pinstripes.

Check out details like the large fenders with braces, the old Buick taillight and the megaphone exhausts. Blue and white rhinestones above the seat fringes mirror the BMW roundel. That sissy bar is the fender brace off an old Indian, Steve included it to help him stay on the seat during wheelies.

Steve Culp via Red River BMW via Oliepeil

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