You’re likely familiar with the 200cc version of the fat-tired Yamaha TW platform, but in Europe, a 125cc capacity is offered, making it learner-legal. That bike forms the basis of Stealth. to create it, France’s Blitz Motorcycles fitted a peanut tank, looped rear subframe and a whole lot of military green powder coating.

Photos: Gary Jézégabel

There’s also a new, heat-wrapped exhaust with a Supertrapp can, a taillight pulled off a 1940s-era bicycle and the owners name milled into the battery box. The TW is a cheap, simple motorcycle and so’s this custom. Blitz has emphasized the stock bike’s attractive, large rear-tired proportions, ditching the awkward detailing in the process. This isn’t the kind of bike anyone’s going to hang on a wall, instead its a rough and ready to get the snot beaten out of it by Edwin.

Blitz via Silodrome

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