And here’s the downside to all the riding-fast-on-public-roads business. Victory Jon, the same photographer who captured Adey racing the Porsche, was minding his own business, shooting riders on Mulholland, when all of a sudden this GSX-R750 came right for him. Fortunately for us, his photographer’s instincts kicked in and he kept on shooting, even as the bike collided with his trailer.

Photos: Victory Jon

“The only thing that came to mind as the rider went down was, please don’t hit the photographer,” Jon told us. “Since it’s the first crash I have ever had at my site, I am still pretty sure it’s a very safe spot to shoot from. The rider is a pro and this was not his regular motorcycle. In fact, he just bought it that week and had it out for the first time. The tires looked like they had been on the track and he told me he should have tested them before hitting that turn the way he did.”


“My quote would be ‘Ride safe, Have fun, try not to kill the photographer.’”

Full crash sequence in the gallery below.

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