When this W650-based hardtail first appeared on Hell For Leather, then called the Deus Red Grinder, you guys talked a lot of smack about how the conversion was compromised mechanically and essentially non-functional. Perturbed by that, Deus Ex Machina created this video, demonstrating that the bike actually does ride quite nicely, thank you very much. So here you go HFL commenters, this video was created just for you.

The Red Grinder cum Deus Moulin Rouge is, like a lot of other Deus bikes, based on a Kawasaki W650, just here fitted with the same 730cc big-bore kit as that Deus street tracker we rode in the ocean. Unlike that bike, the  rear subframe and swingarm are replaced with a bolt-on hardtail conversion, the telescopic forks are out and a girder springer front end is in. It’s incredible simple, but also very neatly detailed.


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