An uncompromised track bike based on BMW’s air-cooled twin, the HP2 Sport is utterly unique and utterly awesome. But, it’s got one serious flaw: its horrendously uncomfortable. Seriously, I’m physically fit and 30 and 15 minutes on it cripples me to the point where I can no longer control the motorcycle. That’s the genesis of this kit from German tuner Wunderlich, it radically alters the ergonomics while retaining the suspension, frame and motor that makes the donor so special.

Think of the SpeedCruiser as sort of a classy HP2 Sport streetfighter. The new tank and tail drastically shorten the visual bulk of the bodywork and there’s wide, flat bars to give you more leverage over the front tire while moving your wrists higher and further to the rear. Bling is added by a gold paralever control arm that mirrors the Ohlins shocks and the carbon fiber exhaust can from Laser. The whole thing looks more like an OEM effort than a cobbled-together ‘fighter.

Probably the best thing about the kit though is that it doesn’t require any permanent modifications to the base HP2, meaning you’ll be able to put the bike back to stock to sell it or to put it on the track.

Wunderlich via Pipeburn

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