You’ve seen pictures of the EBR 1190RS. If you were at the Indy Dealer Expo in February, you might even have seen it in person. But, you haven’t seen it in all its high-res, studio shot glory yet. Exclusive to Hell For Leather, these 13 images will take you there.

Photos: Tom Davenport/RD Image

These are high-res versions of the shots found on EBR’s new website, which is well worth a visit. Along with this shoot, we also receive final word on pricing which, as we’ve been telling you since we interviewed Erik in Germany back in October, is $40 grand. $4k more if you want carbon bodywork, which you do. Also as expected, power is down slightly from the EBR 1190RR’s 185rwhp to 175bhp at the crank. That’s due both to emissions and as the motors are built for longevity instead of short-term race speed. The official weight is 389lbs (wet, no fuel). Expect to lose nine or more of those if you ditch the EPA legislated exhaust, coming in on target at the AMA Pro Superbike minimum weight of 380lbs.

More on the EBR website.

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