Need some schadenfreude on a cold, rainy Monday morning? Here, a guy with more money than sense stuffs his $140,000 custom Ducati into a guard rail on The Snake. The cause? Well, according to him, it was “something on the road.”

$140,000?! Yeah, that’s as ridiculous as it sounds, but it’s also accurate. “Desmo Dave” is so obsessed with having a little nicer Ducati than yours that he he bought bought an 1098 R and an 1198 RS factory race bike, taking all the parts off the RS and putting them on the R’s frame. Why? That R was sold as a road bike, so the frame’s VIN allows him to tell people he has a Superbike racer that’s road legal.

The lowside took place on SoCal’s infamous Snake. A road so legendarily twisty that even race bikes can’t get around it without hitting “something on the road.” The spot’s popularity sees photographers and videographers gather, most on this one hairpin corner, all in the hope of seeing someone make a fool of themselves. Looks like their patience just paid off.

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