Vintage and custom bike shows sure are getting popular these days. While some events like the Brooklyn Invitational focus on a national talent list and Orange County's Born Free event continues to transition into an ersatz mega-production, Portland's refreshingly quirky 2nd annual "The One Motorcycle Show" by See See Motorcycles on February 5th will have over 50 mostly home-grown vintage and modern custom bikes.

Keeping up with the area-based theme and the fact that Portland is chock-full of bookish creative types (not to mention the dream of the '90s come true), the 2011 One Motorcycle Show also doubles as an art exhibit featuring local bike-themed photography, paintings and illustrations.

Being a Northwest party involving our buddy Thor Drake from the Smoking Seagulls, See See Motorcycles and the 555, we expect the night to be typically rainy and cold outside, yet warm and politely blasted on the inside. And since the bike show is actually next door to the See See's shop, we demand nothing less than explosions, burnouts, blackouts or jailtime of some sort before the night is over.

Check out the mega-gallery of 82 photos, featuring all the bikes from last year's show. They even made a book out of all of them.

The One Motorcycle Show

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