Godzilla vs. The Bavarian Rocket

What do you get when you have a mile or so of lonely Russian runway and some 1000hp cars with nothing better to do? Put them head to head against a BMW S 1000 RR of course.

AMS Performance has been known to tune street cars to high hell for some time now. Their greatest accomplishment has been creating various tuning packages for the Nissan GT-R.

Video: BMW S 1000 RR v. AMS Nissan GT-R

Their top of the line kit can create well over 1000hp that give the GT-R a good reason to earn it's nickname, "Godzilla". So when you assemble a crew of horsepower junky Russians on an open airfield you tend to look for a challenge. Seeing how the BMW S 1000 RR is one of the most powerful streetbikes on the market it should make easy work of the GT-R. Right?

Sure the Bimmer makes the 800HP GT-R look slow but the rocket camera car GT-R seems to walk away with the bragging rights for the day. While the "main event" seems to have ended poorly for the BMW, the back road sprint to the start line (full of other exotic super cars), the BMW S 1000 RR earns some of its street cred back making the GT-R work for every foot to catch up.