"I just wanted to try something different and striking to the usual race rep vibe with the graphic face," explains DSC's David Gwyther of where he was going with this 900SS. "The theme is based on conspiracy theories/paranoia, hence the sponsor logos from various whack job conspiracies like the NWO, Big Oil, Bilderberg Group, Coca Cola, WT7 etc."

Photos: Neil Bridge

"This was the precursor to the Delight & Destroy show which took forward these themes of branding, sponsorship and consumerism through motorsports," continues David. "Partially inspired by the old Ducati TTF1 red white and blue schemes, the square headlight was switched out for a matt black round Bates one to change the personality of the bike, to give it an endurance look. It's an early white frame Ducati 900SS, with the single seat they have a great featureless shape, the headlight change gives it that double-take vibe."

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