Okay, the $2.8 mil for Kenny Roberts' California ranch, a.k.a. the "Hickman Haul-Ass Club," was just too deep a dig. But maybe you coulda stepped up to buy one of the King's better souvenirs, in this case a 1971 Bultaco Metralla Mk.2 presented to Roberts by old man Bulto himself and the Barcelona Bultaco Club back in 1994. Apparently the bike was brand-new and matching numbers, and had been pickled as a two-stroke time capsule. It now shows a mere 76 km, about 45 miles, with just a set of leaky petcocks (hate when that happens) standing between it and concours perfection.

Weighing a feathery 250 pounds and propelled by 32 premix-inhaling ponies, riding the 250cc Metralla street racer was once described as "like throwing a smoke bomb into a hornets' nest, then climbing on." Winning bidder on eBay this past weekend paid a pretty $20,000 for the bike, surely a world record for any Metralla, and about twice what one in this shape but without the KR provenance could hope to bring.


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