Penned by Giandrea Fabbro, also responsible for the 1098 and Multistrada 1200, these sketches reveal the process behind the Ducati 1199 Panigale's design. If you haven't yet seen the bike in person, it's a radical twist on the sportsbike theme. The diminutive size — think 250GP bike — accentuates the organic lines, at once evoking the classic proportions of the 916 while taking a big step into the future.

The self-supporting tail bolts to the front subframe and rear cylinder.

The sketches that birthed the 1199
The horizontal, side-mount shock requires a sophisticated linkage to direct swingarm forces through it.

The sketches that birthed the 1199
The front subframe connects the front cylinder to the steering head, doubling as the airbox.

There's 18 sketches in this gallery.

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