Last week it was announced that Erik Buell Racing and Hero Moto Corp were entering into a consulting and design partnership. The deal sees EBR lend Hero its expertise in producing products for Western markets, while Hero will sponsor EBR's AMA race team this year. Basically, it's huge news for a tiny startup run out a garage in East Troy, Wisconsin. This weekend, we briefly chatted with Erik about the deal. Here's what he had to say.

"Currently it is a very simple relationship with two aspects," explains Erik. "We are doing contract technical consulting and design for them which is one aspect. The Leap they showed at the January expo in Delhi is an example of this work, as Mr. Munjal mentions in their press release."

Erik Buell on Hero Moto Corp
Erik can't say which elements of this new Hero Leap hybrid scooter EBR consulted on, but the concept is full of neat design touches. Check out the bash guards/mirror stalks and slick lighting.

"The second aspect is they also have come on board as a title sponsor for our AMA Superbike team," continues Erik. EBR will race this year in red, white and black, wearing huge Hero logos that easily eclipse those of secondary sponsor, AMSOIL.

"No ownership between the companies. Just helping each other in ways that are good for both of us," he concludes. "Great people there, BTW. Avid motorcyclists with a visionary leader."

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