Your first reaction upon seeing a police-liveried R1 is likely one of worry. Could the cops finally be riding bikes capable of catching other motorcyclists? Then you scope the lack of gloves (or any other safety gear this side of the mandatory helmet), the loud exhausts, the anodized gewgaws and, lastly, the inches-wide chicken strips on that back tire. What on earth is going on here?

Like the police RSV4, this R1 was likely created as a personal bike by the officer riding it. There’s some chance it could be used in DARE Car-style awareness campaigns, but technically illegal components like those GYTR/Akrapovic exhausts would seem to indicate a lack of official involvement.

That RSV4 was created by LAPD officer John Morena, who uses it to increase awareness of track riding to deter illegal street racing. “ combats street racing and gets out the message that track riding is available, safer and cost effective,” he explains. “In doing so, we break down the us versus them barriers and let youth and other riders see law enforcement officers are regular people, too.”

This R1 wears the Long Beach Police Department crest and, as seen in this video, was on display a the IMS show there late last year.

via MotoCorsa

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